Halloween Trick or treat

Brrrrr, it’s Halloween and time for the zombies, vampires, demons and others creatures from the dark side to gather for a Hell of a Party. Make sure your costume is on point to participate on the contest and if you need help, pass by the Horror Boudoir where the Modernettes will make sure you look scaring enough! The Spider Lady will try to catch you into her spiderweb, the Candy Skulls are there for your sweet tooth, the Devil plays with fire, the Fortune Teller reads your future in her crystal ball, the Bride of Frankenstein is coming out of her grave and the Thriller danceclass is starting. Now that we are all warmed up, DJ Dead Elvis can make you jiggle all night long! To make sure the Haunted House is complete, we will decorate it on point with videoprojections of B-movies on the walls